Pitra Dosha in Vedic Astrology

How to handle Pitra dosha in Kundli ?

As per classical Vedic astrology , any yoga formed by Sun with adverse planets like Rahu or Saturn in 5H of children and education will lead to a Pitra dosha . That may be by aspect or conjunction of the two planets .

This is interpreted as bad luck for becoming father or to the father of the native , hence defined as Pitra dosha . However , in my observation , such affliction leads to conflict with seniors , bosses in job and govt authority also , apart from disagreement , separation or death of father in childhood .

There is no proof to tell exactly why it happens . So, traditional astrologers would suggest a Puja or wearing some gemstones etc . However , I never found any benefit to people who underwent such ritual as the problems continued .

In my view , in such dosha , one should take education at a distant or foreign institution , away from native place . It would be good to go for technical education and work in a multinational or foreign company , which will facilitate living away from blood relatives ( parents) . Government job does not suit in such case and there are obstruction in career in government job .

Such person should lower his expectations from his father , boss , own children and should not depend on them . He would get more help from strangers and non-blood relatives and his own action , planning .

Quora Link to Answer : https://www.quora.com/What-are-your-thoughts-on-Pitra-Dosha-Is-it-necessary-to-get-a-remedial-pitra-dosh-nivaaran-puja-done-to-nullify-the-dosha-Does-it-follow-the-law-of-karma/answer/Yash-Shukla-11

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