What is Behavior Based Remedy in Vedic Astrology ?

Question : Which is the best and most effective remedy to improve/alter your destiny without going into any kind of karmkanda and simply through the medium of karma?

Behavioral ( karma) remedy as per time is the best remedy !

Birth time planets provide your inherited native environment like land and current time ( dasha / transit) planets give you environment ( climatic conditions ) over the birth time environment ( land ) .

We take this analogy further . If you do not go for any action , then the local kind of grass will grow over land in given season. It is the default result .

But if you want a particular kind of crop , you have to do Karma of selecting seed , sowing , caring and reaping it . The final crop output is the result ( phala) of soil , climate , seed and labour .

Therefore , there are 3 possibilities :

  1. We keep on thinking but do nothing and wait for natural , fixed , default outcome like wild grass , which may or may not be useful to us at all . That is like gemstone wearing and Mantra reciting .
  2. We sow something which is not compatible with soil or climate , then also there would not be any crop we desired .
  3. We sow something which we need and is compatible with season and soil and put desired labour also . That gives high probability for getting the desired result .

Wearing gemstone or doing something against the season ( planet ) will not give you any desired result . Not doing anything will only increase your problem of removing thick grass .

Therefore, only choice left is to know the season and soil and sow the appropriate seed and work on that .

For example , a person has Venus as dominant planet because he is born in Taurus ascendant and / or Venus is placed in ascendant in friendly sign .

Here , the soil is fertile for Venus action in something related to luxury , money, food and face sector . If person is also having Venus Mahadasha or Antardasha , then it is like having the relevant season also . Therefore , if some project is taken up in that sector , success rate will increase . But if he tries in sports or athletics or Gym business , it may not work at all .

Many times , dasha and transit are so strong or Jupiter association is there then someone will offer / suggest you such opportunity , but being ignorant , one may refuse it and slip it out of hand .

For any desire to be fulfilled , we need capital of luck ( decided by birth time planet position – soil) , appropriate Dasha ( season ) and Karma ( behaviour) of sowing seed , caring consistently and then reaping final fruit of Karma+luck . Missing any link in this chain can eliminate our desired result .

The reverse will happen in case of undesirable action .

Suppose you were careless of the fact that night and darkness would soon come after evening as a dasha result of bad planets . Your efficiency will automatically reduce in night / darkness . You will need something to fall back, like light source ( candle , torch , lamp etc ) but you will get it only if you arranged them in the day ( good time – dasha ) .

If you still insist for day like performance in night , you will face greater trouble and you may get permanently hurt in the darkness .

Here again , you have a behavior remedy . You may slow down , make some arrangement like saving money, food , arranging security , items required in night to pass those dark hours . You may rest , sleep , sing and dance and awake fresh in the morning or you may cry , curse and remain fearful whole night and get tired when day happens .

Therefore , in any time , we need to know the quality and duration of time and our Karma ( behaviour remedy ) should be in line with that to survive or even enjoy that time . It is called Samyak Karma ( In line with time -Samaya) , otherwise default result is most of the time negative and that is why Karma is called a bitch .

Astrology was developed to understand the quality and duration of time ( seasons) so that we can make better use of that , just like agricultural science . And these remedies work for everyone irrespective of caste , religion , race , nationality and for theist or atheist .

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